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Connector 3

Roads go places, but with music for the ride, a road can take us to another time. CONNECTOR 3 is a new band (named for a road) that brings back the era when Dalton natives Mike Sain and Clay Fuller first oozed their way out of a local basement to start a musical journey that is still rolling more than 30 years later. CONNECTOR 3 packs raw, authentic blues-driven rock versions songs from the early days of classic rock radio that inspired a generation of musicians.
Mike (bass, vocals, in that order) and Clay (guitar) logged most of their miles in Athens-based Allgood Music Company which was a fixture on the emerging jam band scene of the early 1990s. Allgood played roughly 200 shows a year from 1988-95 and played numerous dates with bands like Phish, Blues Traveler, Widespread Panic and Gov’t Mule before those guys became rock stars, and while Mike and Clay still had hopes of joining them. Allgood brought its own high energy style to the 1993 H.O.R.D.E. Tour, and made four records including three for A&M Records. Along the way, Allgood rocked crowds from zero (literally) to 25,000.
Few bands are so selective that they only resurface in a single, very special city on one occasion each year, but that’s exactly what CONNECTOR 3 will do in 2017 at the Second Annual Friendship House Music Festival. Joining Mike and Clay to round out CONNECTOR 3 again will be long-time Allgood road manager and fellow Dalton native Brian Bulger on guitar and drummer Patrick Sain, who previously played with Bulger in the Penetrators. Look for special guests, including old friends and new ones. In a nod to fading memories and ever-shortening attention spans, C3 delivers new arrangements of familiar songs with twists and deconstruction not seen in these parts since Sherman’s neckties littered the Western & Atlantic Railroad. DeSoto crisscrossed the southeast centuries ago in a futile search for the fountain of youth; CONNECTOR 3 delivers a swig of that elusive elixir to Dalton this summer.